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Let’s spill the tea – we can’t get enough of the new Barbie movie! Greta Gerwig’s latest film, starring the fabulous Margot Robbie, has taken over our summers, our wardrobes, and now, our living spaces too. Embracing a nostalgic 90s aesthetic, it’s no surprise that Barbiecore interiors have become the talk of the town, thanks to TikTok and social media spreading the trend like wildfire. And guess what? This year marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic Barbie Dream House – talk about perfect timing!

It all began twenty-five years ago when Aqua, a Euro-pop music group from Denmark and Norway, released a quirky and darkly amusing song titled “Barbie Girl.” This song humorously targeted the stereotypical image of a blonde bimbo, and now in 2023, it seems that life in plastic is actually absolutely fantastic.

Now, Barbie has taken the world by storm, making headlines for selling NFTs with Balmain, inspiring fashion collections, from Haute Couture (Valentino’s PP Pink anyone?) to high street brands (Zara has just launched a Barbie capsule collection). TikTok microtrends enthusiasts recognize this phenomenon as “Barbiecore,” a fusion of late ’90s and Y2K influences, combined with the revival of the “bimbo” as an anti-capitalist symbol. The latest version of Barbie also embodies a hyper-pink escapism, which has become increasingly appealing over recent years.

Interestingly, the Barbiecore aesthetic has also found its way into the world of interior design. Sophie Collé, a talented furniture designer, transformed her Brooklyn apartment into a candy-colored utopia, creating a space that feels both “safe and happy” in the face of a chaotic world. Hannah Dahl, the visionary behind the Dahl House in Los Angeles, drew inspiration from her mother’s experience in ’80s set design for the TV show “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” and curated a real-life dollhouse adorned with ballet-pink bows, rose valances, and a carousel pony.

Sophie Collé’s Brooklyn Apartment

This renewed fascination with Barbie’s Dreamhouse World stems from a desire for whimsy and escapism, traits that resonate with individuals seeking an imaginative refuge during challenging times. As the world experiences its fair share of difficulties, people are increasingly seeking solace in their self-made fantasy realms.

Hannah Dahl’s Los Angeles Apartment

Rashida Renée, an artist, fashion archivist, and lifelong Barbie collector, speaks of her deep connection to Barbie, using the dolls as a means to soothe and reconnect with her inner child. The essence of play, nostalgia, and whimsy lies at the heart of this revival. The Barbiecore movement goes beyond just aesthetics; it symbolizes empowerment and individuality. Barbie, with her ever-evolving image, encourages young minds to dream, aspire, and take charge of their own stories. Issy Di Stefano, the founder of social agency Isa, links Barbiecore’s high-shine allure to the rise of avatars, allowing individuals to embrace escapist characters through various online platforms and virtual experiences.

Barbie’s appeal has transcended generations, and she continues to make her mark on contemporary culture. Her inclusivity and presence on social media have allowed her to be embraced and redefined by individuals who resonate with the pink world she represents. This newfound love for Barbiecore design has birthed unique and glamorous interiors that reflect each individual’s personality and style.

While Barbiecore is nostalgic for the Y2K era, it also carries a sense of futurism, as Barbie herself has always been a visionary figure. Her futuristic furniture and tech-infused Dreamhouse showcase a world of endless possibilities and aspiration. As children, we projected our hopes and dreams onto Barbie and her universe, making her an emblem of positivity and aspiration for many.

Beyond the material aspects, Barbie embodies a modern sense of unapologetic femininity. No longer confined to outdated stereotypes, she has evolved into a symbol of empowerment for girls and women alike. She embraces her girlishness without apology and represents the freedom to express oneself without constraints.

Creating your very own Barbie Dreamhouse doesn’t necessarily require an extravagant budget. With some creativity and a playful spirit, you can curate your dream space using thrifted finds, cheap home goods, and a touch of DIY magic. It’s all about embracing the unpretentious love for the color pink and incorporating Barbie-inspired textures, such as high-gloss, lacquer, and fuzzy elements.

In conclusion, Barbiecore is more than just a trend; it’s a movement that celebrates imagination, empowerment, and unapologetic self-expression. It reminds us of the power of play, the joy of nostalgia, and the importance of embracing our inner whimsical nature. So go ahead and channel your inner Barbie to create a dream space that reflects your unique personality and brings a touch of magic and optimism into your life. After all, in the world of Barbie anything is possible.

5 tips for creating your own Barbie Dreamhouse

  • Artistic Illusions: Elevate Your Space with Affordable Tricks – Discover budget-friendly tricks to elevate your space, like creating captivating visual impacts through door frames and smaller details. Unearth authentic Barbie elements at thrift stores and embrace textiles, throw pillows, and quirky decor to infuse your home with dollhouse charm.

  • Tonal Harmony: Mastering the Barbiecore Color Palette – Embrace the allure of Barbiecore with a harmonious blend of light pinks and vibrant hot pinks. Infuse complementary colors like aqua, canary yellow, and lavender to create a captivating visual symphony. Experiment with fuzzy, furry, or plastic furniture to heighten the dreamlike atmosphere.

  • Ignite Imagination: Unleash Your Whimsical Spirit – Ignite your inner whimsical spirit by seeking out objects that spark your childhood imagination. Unleash your creativity as you envision these unique pieces in your miniature dollhouse world. Allow your artistic inspirations and favorite patterns to come to life, transporting you to a realm of nostalgia and enchantment.

  • Finding the Focal Point: Personalize Your Dreamhouse Identity – Select a focal point that defines your Barbie Dreamhouse identity. Consider an eye-catching yellow swinging chair or embrace the allure of indoor-outdoor living. Make the space truly your own by infusing it with elements that reflect your personality and style. Don’t shy away from experimenting with paint or wallpaper colors to add a touch of excitement and take a daring design risk.

  • Unleash Your Inner Barbie: Embrace Pink and Empowerment – Embrace your desired Barbie persona, whether it’s Classic Barbie, Superstar Barbie, or Malibu Barbie. Find empowerment in being unapologetically pink and expressing your radiance with a smile that beams from your eyes.

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