A new interior design experience


Through our interiors we aim to create a lifestyle, an experience, and most of all, a new way of living

At König Design Studio, we take pride in delivering exceptional interior design services that not only elevate your home but also reflect your unique personality. From complete property conversions to personalized design tweaks and styling, our bespoke curation ensures that your space goes beyond just being a house you like — it becomes a home you absolutely love.

The König design style is people. It all begins and ends with the client, everything else is secondary to us.

We see our role as facilitators of the client's dream lifestyle and our goal is simple: to help them to live better in their homes.

First we listen, then we interpret these dreams and - importantly - we add rigour, efficiency and our trusted network of the best suppliers in the world. The alchemy of this mix creates homes that stand out because they are authentic representations of each and every client’s tastes and needs.”

Let's create something
great together!

If you’re thinking of embarking on a home renovation, we’re here to work with you through the inspiration and specification process to find the perfect design.